Monday, December 21, 2009

BINGE was awesome

this year's BINGE was bigger, better, and even more successful than last year's! we had almost twenty vendors join us, so we decided to split the event between our studio and spur design's studio next door. below are just a few of the vendors that were present at BINGE:

us, of course:

almanac bindery:

erin fitzpatrick (on the left) and tv vida:


lauren silberman's papercuts:

spur design:

in addition to all of the great stuff our vendors were offering, whitney took a break from her almanac bindery table and gave a letterpress demonstration to all of our interested guests:

there was no shortage of wine, drinks or snacks for our vendors and guests, either. here's adam manning bar:

and we couldn't resist cutting into a gigantic apple covered in candy to serve to our vendors. this picture does no justice to the size of this thing. isn't it the craziest--yet yummiest--thing you've ever seen?


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