Friday, November 13, 2009

vendor 1 of 19: almanac bindery

fine handcrafted books for any occasion or no occasion at all

vendor 2 of 19: steve baker

glass and metal pieces for the home

vendor 3 of 19: erin fitzpatrick

screenprinted apparel, paintings and portraits

vendor 4 of 19: gilah press

letterpress greetings and stationery

vendor 5 of 19: ed harris

fine art paintings and drawings

vendor 6 of 19: toni jannelli

hand-knit hats

vendor 7 of 19: jamie kelly

fine art and handcrafted surf art

vendor 8 of 19: the jewelry project

jewelry made by house of ruth maryland's shelter residents, staff and volunteers

vendor 9 of 19: val lucas

letterpress printing, handmade books and woodcuts

vendor 10 of 19: kristen mewshaw

handcrafted jewelry
additional photos on facebook

vendor 11 of 19: matt muirhead

screenprinted patches and fine art paintings

vendor 12 of 19: presto bingo

modern art for modern kids

vendor 13 of 19: raygun robyn

one-of-a-kind shirts, baby shirts, accessories and messenger bags

vendor 14 of 19: lauren silberman

papercuts: originals and reproductions

vendor 15 of 19: spur design

graphic design and marketing communications

vendor 16 of 19: tu vida

jewelry and design

vendor 17 of 19: lauren tucker

jewelry created with resin and alternative materials mixed with precious metals and stones

vendor 18 of 19: catherine wang

buttons, totes and other art objects

vendor 19 of 19: william wright

fine art paintings and watercolors