Monday, November 10, 2008

BINGE: open studio & holiday sale

do a little last minute shopping, see a letterpress printing demo (3 pm) and grab a nosh! all going down in the big pink warehouse at 3506 ash street, baltimore, md 21211.

it's happening on december 14th from noon until eight. come check it out!

vendor 1 of 14: steve baker

glass and metal pieces for the home

vendor 2 of 14: hannah brancato

pockets, bags, wallets & jewelry

vendor 3 of 14: cory cone

fine art paintings and drawings

vendor 4 of 14: kat feuerstein

letterpress greetings and stationery

vendor 5 of 14: erin fitzpatrick

screen printed apparel, paintings, portraits

vendor 6 of 14: joyce hesselberth & dave plunkert

modern art for modern kids

vendor 7 of 14: julia niederman

small paintings on canvas

vendor 8 of 14: katie ramirez

beaded jewelry

vendor 9 of 14: leslie ries

gift items and greeting cards for a cause!

vendor 10 of 14: jane rubini

shiny happy balls - mosaic decoratives

vendor 11 of 14: linda sarubin

antique buttons and jewelry

vendor 12 of 14: traci sym

boob pillows & other fun handmade items

vendor 13 of 14: lorrie walker

Lorrie Walker : Betied
"New Lives for Neckties" ~ accessories

vendor 14 of 14: kimberly watson

sterling silver, fine silver & gemstone jewelry